Enjoy a True Italian Classic with Traditionally Made Prosciutto

When properly prepared, prosciutto has delicate, subtle flavours and a delicious texture, making it an ideal option for antipasto. Each slice should be savoured and enjoyed.

Marini Foods offers a range of prosciutto products, and by staying true to tradition, we’ve gained a loyal following among connoisseurs of fine Italian foods. Our prosciutto features Ontario pork with no fillers; better cuts of meat result in a better finished product, and we’re proud of our dedication to quality.

1kg weight per unit
20 in a box

900g weight per unit
4 in a box

450g weight per unit
10 in a box

6kg weight per unit
1 in a box

900g weight per unit
4 in a box

450g weight per unit
10 in a box

100g weight per unit
8 to 10 in a box


High-quality pork from Ontario farms is trimmed, hand-massaged with salt, cured with brine and cased. An extended aging process creates a delicious and tender prosciutto.


Created by salting and brining a whole cut of pork, then casing, aging and pressing the meat. It is an excellent alternative to conventional prosciutto for home or small restaurant use.

Capicollo Dry

Our Dry Capicollo is made through the same process as our prosciuttino, but it is not pressed. The larger size allows for easy cutting and serving.

Pancetta Round

Salted pork belly is tightly rolled and carefully cased, then dry cured. Less salty than prosciutto, round pancetta makes a delicious appetizer and works well in recipes.

Pancetta Flat

We dry cure a seasoned pork belly, reducing it substantially before trimming and cutting. While somewhat similar to bacon, flat pancetta is salt cured — never smoked.

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