Enjoy a True Italian Classic with Traditionally Made Prosciutto


When properly prepared, prosciutto has delicate, subtle flavours and a delicious texture, making it an ideal option for antipasto. Each slice should be savoured and enjoyed.

Marini Foods offers a range of prosciutto products, and by staying true to tradition, we’ve gained a loyal following among connoisseurs of fine Italian foods. Our prosciutto features Ontario pork with no fillers; better cuts of meat result in a better finished product, and we’re proud of our dedication to quality.

  • Prosciutto
    High-quality pork from Ontario farms is trimmed, hand-massaged with salt, cured with brine and cased. An extended aging process creates a delicious and tender prosciutto.
  • Prosciuttino
    Created by salting and brining a whole cut of pork, then casing, aging and pressing the meat. It is an excellent alternative to conventional prosciutto for home or small restaurant use.
  • Capocollo Dry
    Our Dry Capocollo is made through the same process as our prosciuttino, but it is not pressed. The larger size allows for easy cutting and serving.
  • Pancetta Round
    Salted pork belly is tightly rolled and carefully cased, then dry cured. Less salty than prosciutto, round pancetta makes a delicious appetizer and works well in recipes.
  • Pancetta Flat
    We dry cure a seasoned pork belly, reducing it substantially before trimming and cutting. While somewhat similar to bacon, flat pancetta is salt cured — never smoked.

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