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Expand Your Palette with Gourmet Cooked Meats
from Marini Foods


Looking for flavour? Marini Foods’ fine cooked meats are found at many of Ontario’s most prominent dining establishments, and our mortadella, capocollo and pepperoni combine Old World traditions with a carefully managed cooking process for delicious results.

We offer options for gourmet chefs and home cooks alike. Build a better pizza with true Italian pepperoni or savour the smooth texture and aromatic flavour profile of our Bona Mortadella. All of our products use real Ontario pork and authentic seasonings passed down through generations.

  • Mortadella
    Marini Foods offers mortadella options for different tastes; our lean mortadella uses cubes of lean meat for a refined effect, while our hot mortadella incorporates red chili peppers.
  • Capocollo
    Made from federally inspected pork shoulders from Ontario farms, our capocollo is carefully spiced, hand-stuffed and oven baked for a truly traditional taste.
  • Pepperoni
    Available in cased and pre-sliced packages, Marini Foods’ pepperoni is spicy and succulent. Makes an outstanding snack and an excellent addition to pizzas or calzones.

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View our cooked meats below; for ordering information, call us today at 905-856-5957 / 416-749-2466.