Explore the Flavours of Fine Salami from Marini Foods


What makes a great salami?

To put it simply, experience. At Marini Foods, we’ve spent decades perfecting our seasonings, refining our casings and searching for the best cuts of meat to create the finest salamis available in Ontario — or anywhere else, for that matter.

We start with real pork, foregoing fillers, trim and preservatives in favour of high-quality cuts of meat that will develop as they dry. Fresh spices and seasonings give our salami an unmatched flavour profile for an immensely satisfying finished product.

  • Genova
    Coarsely ground Canadian pork is seasoned with traditional Italian spices and peppercorns, then stuffed and air dried. An excellent high-volume option for deli counters.
  • Soppressata
    Similar to Genova salame, but produced with a larger diameter and pressed into a Calabrese. Soppressata features coarse, minced pork and peppercorns, and the flattened shape allows for a firm texture.
  • Casalingo
    Italian for “homemade,” our Casalingo salame uses a lean meat mixture. This premium salami is delicately flavoured and lightly spiced for an outstanding experience.
  • Paisanella
    This classic salame is made with coarsely ground extra-lean pork, carefully spiced and stuffed in a thick chitterling casing. An extended aging process completes the effect.

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